Building a Cooperative America.... Main Street Values


    MSV will implement citizen-invested MakerSpace methodologies, retaining  equity ownership in clusters of worker-owner-member cooperatives; auditing operation management decisions and administrating the strategic and organizational planning and decision making process.  

  • The Future of our Encore Work

    Main Street Values will aggressively promote the economic and social advantages of local cooperative ownership methodologies.  We will connect and collaborate with all commercial, social, civic and educational entities, seeking further endorsement and support of our life-changing end results, a self-sustainable citizen owned economy.

     Our clustered worker/owner cooperatives creating and delivering consumer needs for Made in USA goods and services; citizen-financed through lifetime membership fee of $100 and a minimum investment of $365 at which time they will receive full rights to participate in the decision process, are entitled to a consumer discount on purchases, and a patronage return on present and future investment opportunities.

     In a classic capitalistic setting, mental and physical demands are finely separated between white- and blue-collar employees. These tasks, when cooperatively shared, become a natural commitment to ecological sustainability. There will be no bosses or jobs in the traditional sense. You and I can be both a producer or the consumer, equitably sharing an earned ownership; with no middle-anyone in between.

     This transition will involve the establishment of multiple regional MakerSpaces; acquiring or replacing absentee-owned and/or import providers of goods and services.  All self-financed by consumer member’s fees and investments, as little as $1 a day for one year; $365 earning one vote in the decision making process and a patronage return on their equity investments.  Worker-members also invest at least $1 every day; their patronage returns deposited in personal retirement accounts, building equitable ownership in what will once more become our Cooperative America

                                                 THE NEXT STEP

  • MSV will aggressively promote the social/economic advantages of regional MakerSpace methodologies. We will connect the skills of individual clients and fully collaborate with all commercial, social, civic and educational entities, seeking endorsement and support of our life-changing end results, a productive workforce within a self sustainable citizen-owned economy.

  •  Key Functions of MSV’s MakerSpace Ownership Centers

  •  Aggregate the job-bank needs of businesses looking for more qualified workers

  • Focus regional consumers on supporting/buying locally sourced goods and services

  • Understand the unstated needs of low-skilled adults looking to advance their careers
  • Convene relevant partners… to collaborate on goods and services design and delivery
  • Align resources and funding streams to meet low-skilled client needs for employment
  • Provide support services that deliver access to economic opportunity and ownership
  • Engage with existing regional employers as partners in reducing their turnover
  • Simultaneously increasing economic mobility of our lower-skilled adults
  • Test and adopt innovative approaches to workforce advancement challenges
  • Encourage improvements in workforce systems and human resource practice


Projected Impact and Successful Outcomes 

  • Clients progress to jobs that are well paying, equity earning, and family supporting
  • Communities expand by advancing their mid-skilled workforce and tax base
  • Region increases its measureable economic competitiveness
  • Existing businesses obtain the better trained workforce it needs
  • Funders are more strategic in expanding their funding of our cooperative model
  • Unemployed workforce development services are better aligned and coordinated
  • Building ownership in a Cooperative America takes on a national priority


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