Building a Cooperative America.... Main Street Values

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” (Einstein)

Project Summary

Knowledge, “hunting” Opportunity, “gathers” Ownership.  Well known and applied by the better-schooled, technically prepared and productively employed; will now be taught and practiced by all the people. Only when we can earn and own “a-piece-of-the-action” do we achieve the American Dream.

 Over the next three years Main Street Values (MSV) will regionally expand our citizen-owned “MakerSpace” workshop concepts.  With past and present generations working side by side, the goal is to teach that everyone has something to offer the common good. The pupils will learn and as future mentors, re-teach timeless basic job skills such as sewing, metalworking and woodworking… taught by locally experienced artisans.

 All will also have the opportunity to learn, understand and use the latest digital rapid prototyping technology. Advanced machines such as 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC Milling machines using CAD software to form, cut, engrave, and etch… building multiple finished products layer by layer. Our training methods will allow for maximum innovation and creativity, a centralized hub for thinkers and doers to collaborate, incubate, grow and multiply within the community.

 Our commitment is to educate our members by using a hands-on project based learning approach to come up with solutions to local problems. The classes stress community collaboration, teaching necessary life skills, forming a self sufficient cohesive unit.

 Makerspaces will provide specialized training for projects that primarily require the many facets of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). Each physical location allowing and encouraging participants to collaborate, socialize, and most importantly learn together. From these new and scalable experiences, excitement and enthusiasm will flow into the surrounding local communities, further encouraging the pursuit of more knowledge, shared opportunity and earned ownership.

 Our goals are to maximize craft levels, develop community participation and meet and exceed the challenges of creating a successful nonprofit teaching organization that will morph a regionalized (not-for-profit, but for service) Consumer-owned Cooperative.

 Only a small percentage will be interested in participating in multiple STEAM projects associated with our MakerSpaces. But, through intensive social and public media education, we will encourage all people to join us who previously have not shown interest in these topics.

 Initially, we will market our MakerSpace concepts through donation-based crowdfunding and subsequently through equity-funding investments; made possible through Washington State’s “Job Act” Passed into law November 2014… allowing non-accredited investors to freely participate and profit from local business developments.



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