Building a Cooperative America.... Main Street Values

The solution... is a new kind of business incubator/accelerator creating jobs with sustainable wages, delivering equitably balanced ownership and profits to its workers and investors… a new pathway to the American Dream. 




MSV’s (non-profit) MakerSpace(s) prepare the not-yet successful to locally produce previously imported goods and provide customer needed services; delivered by Consumer Cooperative clusters of industry specific market-niche for-profit enterprises.

By generating sustainable family wage jobs, MSV will create a producer-consumer friendly ecosystem that delivers individual prosperity through ownership for both its worker-cooperative stakeholders and consumer cooperative stockholders.

This new MakerSpace concept worker-owner incubator will operate a job-bank and skills registry in a factory environment with work-benches, shop equipment, a broad variety of hand and power tools, and a full range of supportive office technology; mentored by professional administrative and technical management services which the impoverished are neither able to obtain nor afford. This full function idea factory atmosphere will encourage free thinking and bold action; an open space where everyone can turn an old craft, a part time hobby, or a completely new idea into a wealth-building productive reality; a place to find ways to turn stuff into locally produced “better” stuff; a hands-on place where unused skills are sharpened and shared; a craft-enhancing place with an openness to tinker and invent what is needed; a place where a whole new variety of previously marginalized workers can network with each other to alternatively form new and/or separately innovative enterprises.

 The first fully equipped MakerSpace is now going into its startup mode, funds for tools and materials have been committed… instructors, artisans, and core management (mostly volunteers) have been identified and we will close on our location shortly: 

Multiple STEAM classes will be taught in-house and in conjunction with both public and private institutions.

MSV’s technical productive availability has resulted in high levels of interest to design and produce prototype models and limited production runs.




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